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After Disenchanted was published, it became my goal to support indie authors—those with similar literary interests, who are thrilled by quests, romance, complex magic systems, and morally grey villains.

With four years' industry experience under The Parliament House Press and Crit & Pen Editorial, I'm honored to work alongside self-publishing and indie authors. My specialities include Sword and Sorcery, High and Low Fantasy, LITRPG, #OwnVoices works, and Medieval Historical Fiction.


If you feel your project falls outside this realm, I am always looking to diversify my range and would love to hear from you regardless.


All are welcome here.


The rate for my developmental editing services is $.006 per word. Together we'll dig deep into your manuscript; I'll read and dissect it from a bird's eye view, addressing plot, pacing, voice, and character development in comments, and an editor's letter that I provide at the end. All projects have a 4-5 week turnaround time unless your MS is over 130,000 words.


This is an important investment in your work, and I'm happy to offer a complimentary sample edit of the first 1,500 words of your manuscript to see if I would be a good fit for your manuscript. I will provide feedback and an estimated quote at the end of the sample.


If you're interested or have questions, reach me with the contact form at the bottom of this page, or at brianna(dot)sugalski(at)gmail(dot)com.

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Developmental Edit

Finished drafting? Whether you intend to self-publish or go the querying route, a developmental edit is a great next step for your manuscript. This is an in-depth critique focusing on plot, pacing, and character development. I might ask questions, rewrite or reposition paragraphs to show you how something might work differently, all while maintaining the integrity of your voice. We'll explore the mechanics of your world building, assess character arcs, and discover precisely what makes your protagonists and villains tick.

Line Edit

If you are satisfied with your manuscript's structure, this is how we'll get it to flow. A line edit (not to be confused with copy editing) will help tighten prose, work on sentence structure/ length, and ensure you're getting your ideas across in the most effective manner. This process includes evaluating word choice, fact-checking, and clarifying any confusing language. If necessary, a line edit can also help tighten a word count, depending on your personal project goals.

Proofreading Services

Ready to publish your novel, or query it with an agent or publisher? I will professionally proofread your project, as well as provide you with a letter with feedback addressing plot and structure and leave in-document comments and provide a style sheet when necessary.


I have over six years of experience in proofreading academic writing, news copy, blog posts, and short stories, and other types of writing.


“Brianna has edited two of my fantasy books and a novella, and I couldn't be happier with the insightful advice provided on story structure, characters, and setting. Her corrections and suggestions have been invaluable in the editing phases, and I think my characters especially are more complete and my world more cohesive and real after implementing her suggestions. I can tell she really cares about the success of my books, and I have loved seeing her reactions to events. Her advice is always kind, and her enthusiasm is infectious. Fantasy authors, you won't regret hiring her as a part of your editing team."



Questions? Seeking a quote?

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